Santosh Children's Hospital


Santosh Children's Hospital

Santosh Children’s Hospital is a sensitively and thoughtfully curated adaptive reuse project that is designed to connect with its young users. The project aims to resuscitate a dilapidated clinic and the existing built form into a configuration that is engaging, responsive and altruistic, whilst creating an environment that promotes the well-being of children and their caregivers. 


The building intends to connect with children through its architecture and design. By understanding the cognitive framework of children, the architects tapped in on what they know. Children between the age of three and fourteen either begin to develop or have completely developed familiarity with basic shapes, nature and trees, and colours. The design aims to enhance the wellbeing of young patients through the inclusion of both functional and visual elements that are designed from an anthropometric and cognitive perspective for children under fourteen years.

Built Area

10,000 sq ft

Est. Completion


Total Beds